• Using certified organic food and beverages, thus cutting back on up to 85% CO2 emissions by dispensing with the use of artificial fertilizers
  • Clean power from Alpen-Adria-Naturenergie – energy generated 100% from wind, solar, biomass and small hydropower plants
  • Environmentally-friendly train travel via Semmering Railway (UNESCO World Heritage Site); Hotel transfer from the railway station with a vehicle run on CO2-neutral fuel – namely vegetable oil, a renewable resource
  • Unbleached organic cotton for bed and table linens, curtains and some towels and bathrobes – environmentally produced from pesticide-free cotton
  • Laundry washed with eco soap nuts that are 100% biodegradable and antibacterial, suitable for allergic and sensitive skin
  • Green Earth – solid wood, oiled and waxed wood floors in each room, and no textile coverings or carpeting in the entire hotel
  • Living spaces designed with ecological methods such as Auro-Natural painted walls, windows sealed largely with hemp, insulation material mostly cork. Larchwood balconies have been left untreated
  • Furniture placement based on radiaesthetic analysis
  • Organic shop with a wide range of products for a sustainable living during and after your vacation
  • Electrical disconnect switches reduce the stress caused by electromagnetic fields; the minibar is unrefrigerated
  • A salt and aroma lamp optimizes the indoor air quality
  • Revitalized water by Johann Grander – especially light water (4°dH – German degrees; electrical conductivity only 110 µS/cm); there is a water bar in the restaurant and every guest room, a tea bar with 50 different organic teas,  and an organic fruit buffet
  • Non-smoking hotel
  • Natural cosmetics samples in each room, alongside Sonnet organic soap
  • Wellness area with herbal steam sauna made of solid wood (with the option of herbal steam room, and Finnish sauna) and a diverse range of massages
  • Natural garden with habitat and plunge pool, sunbathing area with hammocks and wooden sunbeds, flower, herb and fruit garden
  • Panoramic setting including a large sun deck with stunning views of the Rax and Schneeberg “Viennese Alps”; Semmering’s clean, high altitude air quality and a healthy climate
  • 100 km of hiking trails along the Semmering Railway (UNESCO World Heritage Site) and surrounding landscape – ranging from forest strolls to intense climbing routes
  • Semmering Festival and the Reichenau Theatre Festival at the Südbahnhotel
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Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu is useful for the prevention and treatment of acute health of symptoms. A wholesome, gentle pressure is applied using the fingers and palms. 25 minutes: € 30,– 50 minutes: € 55,–

Wellness Massage

Loosen and relax the whole body before or after a busy day – a treat for the body and mind. 50 minutes: € 54,–


Strengthen organ, joint and nerve zones, activate flow and the self-healing of allergies, ear diseases, constipation, bladder weakness, and more … 25 minutes: € 30,– 50 minutes: € 54,–

Facial Drainage Massage

Beauty from the inside, pure luxury 25 minutes: € 30,–


25 minutes: € 30,–

Sound Massage

Free your body, soul, and mind from stress, blockages and worries. 50 minutes: € 54,–

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

A particularly gentle technique is used to eliminate blockages and congestion (useful for vascular problems, sports injuries, and post-surgery recovery) and for detoxing, and strengthening the immune system. 50 minutes: € 54,–

Custom Massage

A massage tailored to your special needs. 50 minutes: € 54,–

Connective Tissue

Stimulate regions of the skin using special massage techniques to positively influence internal organs. Recommended for respiratory diseases, circulatory disorders, menstrual disorders, and more … 25 minutes: € 30,–

Chakra Massage

A special kind of sound massage for those familiar with “chakra points”. 25 minutes: € 30,–

Breuss Massage

Using the highest quality hypericum (St. John’s wort) oil, this specialized back massage intensively regenerates the spinal column and discs and even works to compensate for differences in leg length – a treat for the back. 60 minutes: € 65,–

Nuad - Traditional Thai Massage

Developed more than 2,000 years ago, this traditional massage is beneficial for digestive problems, headaches, energy blockages, or simply to enjoy and recharge your batteries. This massage takes place on a floor mat while being lightly dressed. 60 minutes: € 60,–

Noreia Flower Essence Massage

The highly effective power of the flower essences from the Glockner region penetrate through the skin deep into the tissue, gently working to promote self-healing throughout the body, mind and soul. Choose from: – cleansing and purging – fortifying and strengthening – balancing and harmonizing 25 minutes: € 32,– 50 minutes: € 56,–

Certified Member

You’re in good hands: The Wagner Panorama Hotel is a four-star hotel, Organic Certified and a Demeter member.